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Ramp Up Sets; What they are, how to do them, and why they help!

What are Ramp Up Sets

Ramp up sets are a smart and effective strategy to build strength. These are different than the classic strategy of using the same weight for all prescribed sets and reps. While the classic strategy is effective and helpful, ramp up sets can be a great strategy to mix into your routine.

How to do these

Add weight to each set until you get to the last set, which should be the heaviest. Start at about 50-60% of your max, or start with the barbell or something “easy”. Below is a video showing an example of 9 sets (missing the first set with just the 45lb bar) of 2 reps building to 275 lbs.

Be conservative with the weight you add each set, the last 2-3 sets should be the heaviest.

Why are they helpful?

The benefits are that you:

  1. Practice smooth and powerful sets with lighter reps (AKA Grease the Groove).

  2. Avoid becoming overly fatigued for the last set and increasing the risk of injury..

  3. A great practice for learning how to estimate your strength for rep schemes.

  4. Lower weights help build strength and create less stress on the joints, tendons, and ligaments.

There are many other reasons why ramp sets are superior, here’s a good article to check out:

Try these out with your next lift and let us know how it works for you!

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