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Low Carb Diet: A Couple of Thoughts

Low carb diets work for some people and not for others. A lot depends on fitness levels, physical activity levels, how much lean mass someone has, and maybe some genetics influence.

There are plenty of studies that show that low carb diets work and others that total calorie intake works the same. This means that you don’t have to go low carb to lose weight, but if it helps you stay on track then do it.

The biggest driver in weight loss is a reduction in calories, in this case being from a reduction in carbohydrate intake. This may also influence blood glucose levels and trigger a use for stored fat as energy.

However, if you reduce carb intake and increase fat intake (basically still eat the same total calories) the mechanism above doesn’t work because you’ll have more triglycerides flooding in the blood that can be used for energy or stored as fat.

Same amount of energy intake = no weight loss

Another benefit of low carb intake is the reported control effect. Some people report feeling more in control when they eat low carb. This may be because starchy food tends to be more palatable and pleasing which can trigger overeating in some, but not all. Low carb diets remove and/or limitthe trigger foods and can be beneficial for folks struggling with this.

I have to add that in my experience, the most palatable starchy foods tend to be highly processed. Focusing on limiting or removing processed foods and eating more whole foods may have the same effect as low carb diets, in regards to feeling more in control.

Going low carb is totally fine as long as you do so because it helps you stay in control or it’s your preferred method to diet. It’s not the best way or the only way to do so. And it’s definitely not cool if you’re doing it because you think carbs are evil.

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