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About last night…

About last night….

My car was at the dealer having work done so my wife picked me up from the gym.

I’m talking to her about the nutrition program I just opened up and how excited I am to get to work with new people.

The details for the program are here:

Basically, if you are someone who is looking for:

• lifelong health • a smart and sustainable program that isn’t crazy • someone to coach you through life changes (kids, diagnosis, age, etc) • a way to help you find more energy and time, not less

Back to the story… Remember, she’s the one driving.

She’s nodding along, saying things like..

“That’s great honey.” “You’re going to do awesome.” “Tell me more about how many lives you’re going to change.” “You’re the greatest coach to ever exist” <— I may have made that one up 


Then suddenly we roll up to La Michoacana.

It’s a Mexican Raspados place. Essentially it’s ice cream, fruit, chips, and lots of sweets (see the pics included).

And Annette says, “Tell me more about your nutrition program, but let’s go inside and get some raspados and Tostitos with chamoy.”

This woman rules my world and the mother of my children. So you know inside I want to be like, “WHAT!?! We ain’t got time fo’ this!”

But you know what went down.

We sat in the lobby and she ate her raspado and Tostitos and I ate slices of fruit.

Now let’s break this down.

No food is BAD.

Our habits and relationship with food often need the tune up, not the food itself.

I learned some time ago that all food has it’s time and place, and if we can be aware of our decisions then we can make them without the guilt that follows for so many.

Did I shame my wife for wanting sweets. Hell no! That’s dumb, insensitive, and helps no one.

Did I “give in” and have a raspado myself? Not this time. I have a goal in mind to get back down under 200 lbs. So, this time, I decided no. But that could be different next time.

Control and the ability to make your own decisions comes from being able to slow down and be aware of the situation.

I know, that’s not as sexy as an app or a challenge.

But that’s the premise of the nutrition coaching program I do.

It “challenges” you to change your relationship with food (see what I did there).

Here’s the catch, it’s only open until next Wednesday. Then it closes until June.

You can start today for only $17.75. That gets you the first 30 days of coaching with me and a full blown nutrition guide.

I have my car back today, but we’ll see what other pregnancy cravings come up…

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