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RF Featured Member: Becca O'keefe

Becca O'Keefe is a standout member at our gym, showing dedication by regularly attending our Strength classes and more recently started participating in Kettlebell conditioning classes. Her journey began with RF's strength training program 2 years ago, and she has reaped rewards that extend far beyond the gym floor. Becca's commitment has not only improved her fitness but has also empowered her to lead a strong, pain-free life, embodying the essence of what our gym aims to achieve for all its members. Its a great honor to have Becca be part of our gym community and appreciate the example she sets in classes. Be sure to congratulate Becca this week in the gym for being the RF Featured Member!

RF Member Feature Questions

If there was one thing you could say to your Coach, what would it be?  

To all the coaches: Your encouragement, enthusiasm, and constructive feedback are greatly appreciated. You are a huge part of why I’m still with RF.


What was the moment that made you decide to join Resilient Fitness? 

As people age, they can become limited by struggles with mobility, muscle weakness, and health conditions. My plan was to take a preventative approach sooner rather than later to hopefully ensure a better outcome. I wanted to try a different type of fitness than what I was accustomed to and see if I could achieve better results. Plus, I was seeking a more toned and muscular physique.  

What were your fitness habits like before joining RF? Were you already active? Were you new to fitness?  

My background is in ultra running, backpacking, and hiking. I had zero experience in strength training until RF. 

How has your life improved thanks to your time with RF? 

I’ve been with RF for over two years and have noticed many positive changes. I feel more energized during the day and sleep deeper at night. My body feels grounded and confident in its day-to-day movements. Being a member of RF has significantly improved my mental health. It’s my haven from external stressors. I’m truly grateful to work out here. I feel like the coaches and RF members really care about each other. I could be having a triggering day, but after completing my workout, I know that I will endure.

What are 3 tips, based on your experience, that you’d give to new members of RF to help them see success early on?  

  1. Maintain a regular gym schedule. Consistency is vital to experience results.

  2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone is on their own fitness journey.

  3. Be patient and don’t give up. Sometimes results appear gradually versus sooner. 

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