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Try this workout: Crawl, Pull, Carry

Today’s workout has 3 moves:

  1. Crawling

  2. Weighted pull-ups

  3. Marching overhead carries

Your job is to put 15 minutes on a clock and cycle through these 3 exercises. Make sure to keep your form solid. Favor quality over quantity and rest as needed. 

Disclaimer: As always, this is totally up to you and you should be cleared to exercise before doing any type of exercise/training. I am not responsible for any negligence on your part.  Be cool and be smart.

Check out the breakdown of each move.


It’s a great full body exercise that challenges stability and fundamental movement patterns. It’s self-limiting, meaning you can’t do it wrong. Follow the good, better, best method, otherwise known as something is better than nothing. 

If you want to make it extra hard, aim for this:

  1. Keep your head above your hips- it will light up your back.

  2. Breathe only in and out of your nose – for diaphragmatic breath

  3. Move contralaterally – right arm moves with left leg.

Weighted pull-ups

Pull-ups are great for building a strong back and healthy shoulders. Adding weight is a bonus! Make sure to do what you can. Use a band, or go unweighted, it’s totally cool to do another pulling movement. 

Marching overhead carries

In this case, this move is used to challenge shoulder stability by carrying weight overhead. This is good for helping the shoulders get strong and healthy. 

The marching movement is used to challenge trunk stability while maintaining a vertical position and moving forward. Be smart with the weight size and choose a distance and time that is appropriate for you. 

A couple tips: 

  1. Maintain a tall spine – good posture is your friend. 

  2. Lockout the loaded arm – that is important for safe shoulders. 

  3. Focus on breathing while maintaining tension in your trunk to help with stability.

Give this workout a shot and let me know how many rounds you get.

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