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This just went live: 3 Exercises for Tight Hips

Check out the latest blog written by yours truly over on Tucson Strength.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

While it’s beneficial to work on both flexibility AND mobility. The application of one or the other plays an important role in helping you move better.
Flexibility, generally, are long steady hold type exercises (i.e the classic toe touch hold for 30 seconds) that are supposed to lengthen tissue. How much that tissue lengthens is arguably due to the many factors in effect.  During a stretch, muscle tissue is being lengthened, as well as connective tissue, and there may be general tension being eased due to the nervous system relaxing. The ability to maintain this post stretch is also argued across the internet because everyone responds a bit differently.

Read the rest here –> 3 Exercises to Loosen Up Tight Hips

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