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The RF Strength Class Experience

One of the benefits of running a small boutique gym is the extra attention we can deliver to members. When we asked members what their idea of group classes was, most of them responded with classes with 20+ members, little instruction, and lots of reps. We like to think that we run group training classes with a personal touch and an intentional focus. This means that our group classes are built on key components designed to help members get stronger, improve body composition, and do so with as much safety as possible.

For many of our members, group training is the preferred option to work with us. In order to help them accomplish their fitness goals, we provide a comprehensive experience that includes all of the following:

The intro session

Everything begins with an intro session. This is a 1:1 session with a coach dedicated to helping us understand our members' goals, fitness levels, and program needs. We like to make recommendations based on our members' personal needs, not based on cookie-cutter fat loss programs or dogmatic training modalities. During an intro session, we talk about goals, and philosophy, and introduce the main movement patterns of our training programs.

Ramp up sessions

Ramp-up sessions are 1:1 sessions dedicated to actually teaching members our philosophy, technique, and training style. These sessions are usually 3-8 sessions over the course of 1-4 weeks where an individual will work with a coach to prepare for group classes. The ramp-up sessions allow us to get to know what is best for our members and make the best recommendations in the classes for them when it comes to exercise selection and training. An example of this can be a modified stance for squatting that best fits an individual's anatomy, or specific exercises to improve strength imbalances.

The schedule

Our classes run Monday - Saturday and we operate a 3/x a week training cycle. This means that Monday and Tuesday are the same workouts, Wednesday and Thursday are the same, and Friday and Saturday are the same. We do not recommend doing the same workout more than once a week. As a member's fitness levels improve, we have options for more training days during the week. Please see the image below for our class times. All members can attend any class on the schedule at their convenience.

Pick your own adventure class structure

Our classes include 4 parts:

  1. The warm-up

  2. A key performance indicator (KPI)

  3. Muscle building complementary exercises

  4. A metabolic finisher.

The KPI is crucial to drive progress and allow members to track their success. This part in our programming has an option of absolute strength focus or conditioning focus. A member can choose between either focus to choose their own adventure during each session. If you are unsure which goal to focus on, a coach can help you choose based on the goals discussed during the intro session or new goals set in follow-up sessions.

4-week block-based programming

Our programming changes every 4-weeks. This allows us to introduce new concepts and exercise selections at each 4-week block, thus allowing us to have a healthy rotation of variety and enough training time to drive positive change. The programs are not random acts of exercise but rather prescriptive options. We recommend that members track their progress via weights, sets, reps, and/or recovery from the workouts.

Pain-free performance focus

Our classes, as well as our 1:1 sessions, all have a pain-free performance focus. This means we want to teach people how to train hard but do so in a smart way. We will never sacrifice joint health or technique for heavier weights. We will load movement patterns maximally and optimally so each member can live a long, strong, healthy, and pain-free life.

If you are looking for a place to train or have a specific goal to work on, our RF Strength Classes might be exactly what you are looking for. Click on the button below to reach out and schedule a complimentary intro session.

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