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$$$ The BUDGET Diet $$$

Struggling to lose weight on your “diet”? Try this…

Go on a “BUDGET DIET”. Over the course of a week, track how much $$$ you spend on food. This includes beverages.

Chances are, it’s more than you think.

Cut that budget in HALF and use that for your next week’s food purchases. This will be hard and should not be tried if you’re not ready for it.

A couple of thing​s to look out for:

Don’t justify “going out with friends/family” as extra $$$. Stick to your budget.

Limit yourself to the actual $$$, that may mean buying less than optimal food. It’s okay, you’ll survive.

A couple things will happen.

You’ll be much more selective with your food and aim for quality and bulk/filling than junk and less filling. That’s good!

You’ll be more sensitive to your portions. Hunger awareness will go WAY up and you’ll have to focus on spending more time being hungry so you don’t bust your budget.

It’s sneaky and it sucks…but it works. Try it out.

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