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Results are found beyond the scale and pictures

If you stick around the fitness industry long enough, you see everything. This includes world record lifts, jaw-dropping transformations, incredible physiques, cringe-worthy youtube fails, diet fad after diet fad after diet fad, etc.

One thing that I’ve always been personally inspired by is consistent work, turtle-pace progress, and the successes that can’t be measured in an instagram photo.

Here’s an example:

I’ve been working on nutrition with one of my guys. He’s in his 60s, diabetic, and has had numerous surgeries after retiring from a laborious job in the military. His goal was to gain control of his blood sugar levels and be more active. This required some coordination on my part to be able to work with his doctor, pharmacist, and personal trainer (yea I work with people with other trainers) <- this is the unsexy part of working the fitness field but the most important in my opinion.

• Over the last 6 months, his blood sugar levels have stabilized and his Doc is reducing some of his meds.

• His recovery has improved and he has been able to be more active with his wife doing outdoor hobbies – something he really looks forward to because it makes his wife happy.

• He has less pain and noticed he can do more and is excited about training.

• He feels that he is on a forward trend and is excited about getting older, or in his words – “getting better” .

Now, this has been a team effort, most importantly him putting in the relentless work even when things didn’t seem to budge. This story may never go viral, there’s no six-pack transformation picture, but someone out there needs to read this and get the the important lesson that consistent work and effort yields results. Results are found beyond the scale and pictures. Real results improve life quality – like being in less pain, spending time with loved ones, and improve long term health.

In the end, what works is to keep showing up and putting in effort.


He’s lost 9 pounds in six months and gets pretty excited about that too.

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