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Jesus’ Nutrition Program

Jesus’ Online Nutrition Coaching Program

Now Open for 7 days only! Next chance won’t be until June…

These folks will work with me on unlocking the secrets of the universe, finding lost unicorns, and yea… nutrition stuff.

Seriously, all jokes aside…

If you want to:

• Figure out why you eat, and what’s the best way to eat for YOU

• Master your own personal nutrition journey

• End the cycle of starting over…and over…and over…

• Work with someone who has been there and done that

(I was 280 lbs at one point and understand the struggle)

Try out the first 30 days for ONLY $17.75. Click here for details –>

Here’s what some former clients have said:

“I like that the program doesn’t expect perfection and realizes we’re all humans who make mistakes. Love the strive to be better approach as opposed to striving for perfection.”

“I’ve done a better job of not indulging just for the sake of being able to. I have been able to steer clear of the endless office parties. ”

“Its focus on education and practical habits that will serve me well in the future. Too many “weight loss” programs tell you what to do but not why. I like the slow and steady wins the race approach, rather than a quick fix.”


If you want to work on some nutrition stuff, but mostly discover the secrets of the universe, get started here:

Next opening won’t be until Summer.

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