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6 Kettlebell Moves You Should Know How to Do Correctly (Vids Inside)

Kettlebell strength training can be the best thing for you and the worst thing for you.  When done correctly, any exercise can add value to your life. Unfortunately, doing an exercise incorrectly can be disastrous.

I think kettlebells are a perfect example of this.  I work a “kettlebell” gym.  All of our instructors have gone through rigorous training and/or certification to use and teach kettlebells. These means we have a particular standard when it comes to using the bells. Yea, we’re kind of snobs when it comes to technique and form. But it’s only because we want you to have the best experience.

I can’t count the times someone who shared how a kettlebell swing hurt their back, or a press killed their wrist.

Most of the time, the person saw the kettlebells at their gym and decided to try them because they look cool. Other times, a coach or trainer gave them a couple tips off youtube and said, “go at it!”

I’m getting ready to recertify and had to film my moves. It made sense to use the videos as tutorials. Below are 6 kettlebell moves you should know how to do correctly and a very brief instruction on them

If you have questions on more instruction or clarification, feel free to contact me here: Contact – Jesus Acuna

Single arm swing:

Complete 10 single arm swings on each arm – Maintain a neutral spine – Use biomechanical breathing (exhale with the hips) – Squeeze the glutes, quads, and abs at the top of the swing

Turkish get up:

Complete 1 on each side – Maintain the locked out elbow on the loaded arm – Maintain a packed shoulder(s) through all movements – Maintain a neutral spine

Double kettlebell clean:

Complete 5 repetitions – Maintain a neutral spine – Use biomechanical breathing (exhale with the hips) – Squeeze the glutes, quads, and abs at the top of the clean – Show control of the kettlebells throughout the movement

Single arm press:

Press the kettlebell 5 times on each side – Start the press with the handle below chin level – Maintain a neutral wrist during the press – Completely lockout the elbow at the tops of the press – Return the bell under control

Double kettlebell squat:

Complete 5 squats – Start the squat with the kettlebells in the rack position – Maintain a neutral spine and reach a position with the hips below parallel – Initiate the upward movement with a grunt – Finish the squat with a visible contraction of the glutes, abs, and quads


Complete 5 snatches on each arm – Initiate the snatch with a back swing – Allow the bell to float to the top position with a locked out elbow – Achieve a controlled top position with a neutral spine and braced abs

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