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3 things to check out – 2/10/18 edition

There are 3 things on my mind for the last two weeks.  I’m working through them for a bit and figuring out how to put them into words but I think they are worth sharing with you.

Pink describes motivation being influenced by a sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. I find this fascinating because he goes so far to say that motivation can be triggered by external influences but ultimately lacks the performance of intrinsic factors like a sense of being in control, learning something new, and having a purpose beyond yourself. This has huge implications for how business motivates employees, how we motivate ourselves for goals, or how we motivate others.

I’m sure for most of us, the intrinsic factor make sense. It’s normal to understand that something that comes from within should be more natural and produce a better quality result. However, it’s not how we operate or how we are set up to perform.

Pink’s book is an older gem, written in 2011, that I am happy to have found now and highly recommend a read.

I was recently at a training were I was reminded of polyvagal theory, honestly I only remembered it being mentioned in a college psychology class, and it’s impact on human behavior.

I won’t pretend to fully comprehend this, yet, so I recommend you read through this and leave you with a couple personal takeaways.

  1. Vagal tone has an influence on social engagement, relationships, and performance.

  2. Vagal tone can is influenced by many factors.

  3. In regards to nutrition and fitness, vagal tone can highly impact eating behaviors and physical recovery.

Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Yes, another book on the list. I’ll be the first to say, this may not be for everyone but…

If you’re looking for a structure to be more efficient. This book is worth taking a look at. You may not need to dive into the philosophical vortex that could exist, but we can all benefit from doing less but more.

To your success, Coach ” Be More Efficient” Jesus

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