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Things you may have missed: Week of 8/23/19

Things are moving along at Resilient Fitness. Already we are making changes to the schedule and software to provide the best service possible. We are currently getting ready for our OFFICIAL Grand Opening with a tentative date of September 7th.

We will get you more details on that as we move along. For now, just know that we will have prizes, workouts, music, and a good time.

RSVP for the event here:

This first edition "Things you may have missed" is hopefully numero uno of many to come. We are increasing our activity on good 'ole Facebook and Instagram to provide fun, entertaining, engaging, and educative content. I know some of you are not on social media and that's why we came up with the idea to recap the the content via blog and email

We hope that you find it useful and welcome any suggestions for content or to make things better. Email us at Let's get to the content...


Exercise tip: SLRDL

A great tool for building leg strength and stability with the added benefit of helping you build muscle and performance.

Single leg Romanian deadlifts (SLRDL) are unilateral (one leg) hinge movements. These are great for training stability through the down leg and also challenging the ability to maintain a rigid trunk while being unbalanced. Similar to running and other gait pattern training. For added difficulty, using weight while doing this increases the intensity and mechanical stress on the muscles involved.

If needed, a wall or post may be used for assistance.

The goal here is to maintain a neutral spine while loading the down leg, that means no flexion, extension, or rotation throughout the movement.


This month's blog post: 5 Hinge Variations...


Kettlebell Swing Tips

The kettlebell swing is a great exercise to add to your routine. Bad technique can lead to feeling the move in the wrong place, most of the time people complain about the low back because they miss a few key steps.

Here are some tips so you can do them pain-free:

1️⃣Start with a proper set up. Your head should be above your shoulders and your hips between your hips and shoulders. Sit back into your hips to provide tension through your posterior chain and maintain a vertical position in your shins to keep this a hinge dominant movement. See RF owner Jesus Acuna picture for an example.

2️⃣Make sure you finish the top of the swing with tension. Drive your feet into the ground and squeeze your glutes, abs, and quads. When done right, you’ll see a straight line from the head to the shoulder to the hip to the knee and ending at the foot. Bonus points if you can get the kettlebell to shoulder line too! See RF member Zeus for an example.

3️⃣Practice, have fun, and earn the right for heavy bells. The swing is an awesome move for developing strength and power when executed right.

Let us know if this helped you out.


Coming soon...

We are working the details for our inaugural group program and will be releasing info in the next upcoming days. For now here's a sneak peak!

I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. We appreciate your support and are very thankful. Until the next one...

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