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S4L - Strong For Life Program

The weight room was the first place that taught me about how important hard work is. It was the first place that I experienced the phenomenon of effort = results. My coaches always preached about working hard in the off-season so that we would win when it mattered. I, and the rest of the team, had that philosophy burned into our character.

We worked hard in the off-season. I remember seeing teammates fight for every rep, struggle for every extra pound of weight on the bar, for the simple idea that “that’s what it took to win”.

I’m trying not to get lost in reliving the glory days, but I was fortunate enough to have an awesome high school football experience. In four years, we only lost 5 games and won 1 state championship.

Needless to say, the philosophy I learned for winning in football became how I approach life, family, and running this business.

That’s why I am so excited to share with you our signature program:

This will be a 6 week program teaching you the fundamentals of:

  • Building strength for long-term health benefits.

  • Maximizing your loading capacity through proper movement and exercise choice.

  • Improving mobility and joint health so your body remains resilient.

The principles that guide this program are the same that I’ve learned in life and lifting. They’re the same that I use when coaching members and they are the guiding principles for my style of programming.

  1. Lift hard and lift often, but live to lift another day.

  2. Use smart cardio to help develop your energy systems.

  3. Have fun, this fitness thing should be enjoyable, or else why do it.

I’ll be expanding more on these guiding principles at our Grand Opening on September 7th. We will have an opening chat about our story, mission, guiding principles, and what we hope to do in the community with this business. There will be a workout experience immediately to follow.

RSVP for the event here → Grand Opening RSVP

We will also be signing people up for the inaugural S4L - Strong For Life 6-week program.

S4L is my way of sharing and paying forward the experience of putting in consistent effort in order to get better, stronger, and continuously moving forward.

This program will have the option to be completed in house at Resilient Fitness or remotely at your place of choice. It consists of a minimum 3 strength workouts and 2 cardio based workouts.

The 3 strength based workouts are non-negotiable, if you can’t do them then don’t register for this program. You will need access to barbells, kettlebells, free weights, bands, and an AirDyne or treadmill.

We will have the following times available for in house participation at a limit of 8 slots per time.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9 am.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5 pm.

*Remote participation is unlimited.

Who is this program for?

I designed it to help the person who is stuck doing the same routine over and over again without seeing serious progress. It’s also designed for the person who wants to lift but is afraid of getting injured. The instructions and progressions in the program were hand selected to allow your body to adapt to the exercises and continue to see progress for the entire program. I’m also available to support you along the way so if something doesn’t feel right, I can make a switch to get you back on track.

If you feel you are newer to the lifting game, I highly suggest doing the in-house program as that is the best way I can help and guide you in real-time. The remote option is recommended for those who feel a bit more comfortable on their own.

Here are what some members have said about the

S4L experience:


I came to train at RF because I felt Jesus would help me become stronger, limber and pain free in a smart, fun and safe way.
I have been training at RF a little over a month and have noticed many positive things. My whole body feels amazing! I can feel my injured neck and back getting stronger during and after the workouts. I am moving and doing things I never thought I would ever be able to do in my life. I can squat, do kettle bell swings, dead lifts, lunges with and without kettle bells among other things. I have also noticed the training environment which is about training in a safe and fun way. It’s not about who can lift the heaviest or do the most reps. Its about being healthy and getting fit. As for my body I am noticing my belly shrinking along with my love handles and waist. My energy has increased tenfold and I look forward to going to my training because they are fun and tough in the sense that I will feel it later that night. Considering I haven’t been this active in 5 years training at RF has been of the best decisions I have made in my life to get back to being healthy and pain free.


Came to train at RF because I valued Jesus’s approach to training and the journey I needed to take to become strong again and feel like myself. I have noticed that I feel more confident in my body, have recognized that I AM STRONG. I hope that in the future I can maintain the new habits I have created and continue to build a strong foundation for my body and mind.


My goal is increased mobility as I age. I came to train at RF because I am looking for a disciplined program that provides strength training, and that will test my limits but not get injured. I have been training at RF for the past 1 1/2 years. My posture has improved and my strength has improved quite a bit. The program is fun and instructive and something I look forward to. I expect to continue with RF as part of an overall fitness program. The strength training program will help me improve my cycling, hiking, and overall health.


I started training at RF because I was impressed and fascinated by Jesus’ knowledge of how the body works. I’ve worked with a lot of trainers in Tucson over the years and never have I found one who knows so much awesome stuff about how the body, brain and nervous system work together to inform how we move. Now that I am here at RF I am reaping the benefits of Jesus’ expertise with a training plan that I’m loving.
The workout programs he designs strike the perfect balance of challenging me, strengthening me, retraining my bad habits and laying down new pathways in my nervous system and body that make me feel strong, energized and empowered. I especially appreciate his guidance with how to work with and heal some chronic joint stuff I’ve been having, all the while lifting heavy weights and getting more and more toned and fit.
I’m excited to get stronger and healthier as I get older and now I feel like I have the perfect guide for dialing in my fitness. Best of all, Jesus creates a fun, supportive environment so for the first time in my life, going to the gym isn’t a chore, but something I truly love doing!

How do you get started…

The program kicks off on September 7th.

If you want to work with me at the Resilient Fitness studio, you can reserve a spot in one of the two time slots by clicking on the designated links below. This first time through will be $209 for all 6 weeks for the in-house group.


If you want the programming and online support from me because you have an awesome garage gym or access to another facility, you can sign up for the remote group below. The price for the first time through will be $169 for all 6 weeks.


My personal guarantee

If you complete the 6-week program, finish a minimum of 3 workouts per week, ask for help when you need it, and feel you did not get stronger or benefit from this in anyway. I will refund you your money with no questions asked.

The next program will not run until November. Once the 8 slots are filled in each in-house section, you will be asked to participate online or wait until the next launch.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

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