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Pain Free Training Program

Training shouldn’t be painful.

If your coach can’t provide a pain-free variation, you should probably consider finding a new coach. If you’re not telling your coach you’re in pain because you don’t want to be “different”, maybe your coach should consider finding a new athlete.

Painful movements don’t have any benefit. There’s an increased chance of injury if your in pain AND loading the movement.

Want to lose weight and your squat hurts but you have to complete the WOD, you may lose weight but what good is that when you have to take a month off due to a hip impingement.

Want to pack on muscle but your joints are always on fire, that chronic inflammation is not productive for muscle building.

Want to get seriously strong but your back blows out every time you deadlift from the ground, maybe you should spend some time pulling from blocks and give your anatomy a break.

Apply for my Pain Free Training Program

Maybe you’ve never experienced pain when training, awesome. I am happy for you and a bit jealous. This is NOT for you.

If you’re not like the fortunate few without pain, you’ve pushed your body to the point of break. Then you rested for the pain to subside and went back in only to hit another wall. I want YOU!

I’m looking for a maximum of 5 people to be my guinea pigs and work a program designed to help them train without pain. Once the spots are filled, this will close down. You must be willing to stick with it for 6 weeks and train a minimum of 3 times per week. You need access to dumbbells, free weights, bands, and kettlebells.

The goal of this program is to find the variations of movements that you can do without pain and then progressively load them for strength and muscle building gains. I’ll also include an optional conditioning component to help those who want/need it. You’ll have the freedom to do these workouts on your own whenever and wherever you choose. I’ll be checking in with you regularly to provide support and help.

If you’re curious and want in, fill out this application ->

Personal Guarantee – if you give me your best effort and complete 80% of the workouts and feel the program didn’t deliver, I will give you every dollar back. I don’t like taking people’s money and not giving them what they paid for. I will give you my best if you give me yours.


Only 5 spots available, I will not take on more for this program.

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