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Organic Intelligence: A Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

Originally, I began Organic Intelligence services looking for a way to build up my capacity to handle more. I was stressed and a bit overwhelmed. My son was just born, I recently became the manager of the gym and I was having issues sleeping.

I felt that anxiety and stress were becoming a thing for me. Back when I worked in behavioral health, I learned the benefits of seeking out help and support when I felt things were a bit too much. Luckily, one of the gym members was an OI practitioner and offered her services.

I quickly noticed how much more at ease I felt. The OI sessions helped me dial in my own personal sense of calmness and awareness. This allowed me to make better decision and felt more in control of any situation.

I became very interested in the Organic Intelligence model, both for personal use and how to help others.

Recently, I finished a 3 year HEART program for Organic Intelligence and was asked to help mentor the next cohort going through the program. Naturally, I felt OI work would be a great service to add to what I do. I feel it is the another component towards a holistic approach to overall wellness that I believe in.

I’m excited to share this with others and looking forward to talking to anyone who is interested.

What is Organic Intelligence (OI)?

Organic Intelligence is a unique theory and clinical practice of human empowerment, resiliency, and compassion to resolve the devastating effects of stress, trauma, and PTSD.

My favorite part of this definition is the compassion component. This isn’t a sit down and explore all the pain and suffering you have type of thing. This is a practice that helps you notice all the good and things that bring us joy in life, and therefore helping us reach improved balance in emotional wellbeing.

Who can benefit from this?

OI sessions help men and women dealing with stress and anxiety develop skills in mindfulness and self-organization to make it possible to build resiliency and freedom from pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering is relative here, everyone carries their own hardships and can benefit from this work no matter how big or how small. The idea is to WANT to get better.

How do I get started?

Click here to fill out my application form and I will contact you asap to talk about scheduling: Apply here

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