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Don’t miss out! This is the last chance for RF Group enrollment (September 30th start)

Monday is the start of our next training program at Resilient Fitness. Here are a couple of points for the next program.

KPI - the secret for measuring progress

Strong deadlift!

Each workout day will have a key performance indicator (KPI) that we will review and cover in week 1. These KPI’s are selected to make sure you are making progress in your strength and improve your energy systems via smart conditioning. If you want to get strong and drop a couple pounds, or improve your performance and recovery, having specific and well thought out KPI’s is a must.

Supersets and Circuits for muscle development and work capacity

Annette back muscles
Back muscles!

The strength based workouts will use supersets and circuits to maximize efficiency and increase work volume for the benefit of gaining muscle and improving work capacity. Supersets and clusters area  a series of 2 or more exercises done after each other with minimal rest. This style of training can be highly effective for time and training frequency. We want to make sure you get the best workout in a reasonable amount of time.  

Smart conditioning

kettlebell swings
Conditioning Class

The conditioning days will focus on building a low intensity work capacity to maximize recovery and cardiovascular fitness, while also improving the ability to use fat as an energy source and reducing the total stress on the body to avoid pushing over thresholds and spiking sympathetic arousal unnecessarily. Basically, we are focusing on “easy gainz” that come from low intensity work that gives maximum cardio benefits.  This doesn’t mean endless time on a machine, this program will blend calisthenics, free weights, and machines to help you get a great workout!

Here’s the deal…

We start on September 30th, if you contact us on October 1st we will ask you to wait until the next open enrollment session. To avoid being put on a waiting list please purchase and sign today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 

Enrollment includes...

1. Access to the scheduled class times: 

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5 pm ( only 3 spots left).

2. Access to the program via our TrueCoach app that allows you to do the program anywhere you have access to equipment. The program includes video instructions and ongoing online support. 

3. Access to the RF facility during open hours: 9 am - 11 am & 3 pm - 6 pm

The elephant in the room… How much?

This 4 week program is valued at over $268. Being the first round of open enrollment, you will receive a special discount and save $80. The total cost for everything included is $188 if you sign up by the end of September 30th.  

Purchase your spot by clicking on the image below. You will be redirected to our purchasing software tab.

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