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Jesus’ 3 Rules for Life and Strength Training

I’ve been doing the personal trainer thing since 2010. They say time flies when you’re having fun and it definitely is the case with this.  Over those years, I’ve found a couple rules really help me out when working with clients but they also hold true for my own training. Check these out below.

1. Move well and move often

Random training on top of poor movement simply amplifies dysfunction and increases the chance of injury. Work with a professional who can help you move well and correct major imbalances. Once you are moving well, then you can move often and do more of the stuff that makes you awesome. Like climbing trees, running races, or lifting heavier things.

2. Assess, apply, assess

Doing a proper assessment gives you a baseline.  This baseline guides your application of training. Once you know what you can apply, you can build a road map to get you to your goal. Use training as a way to help you achieve the goal you want. On the road, take periodic assessments to make sure you are on track and adjust if needed.

3. Strength is a skill

Strength training can help you become more resilient and capable so you can be more active in life, which is critical for long-term health and the overall quality of life. Strength is a necessary skill for life-long fitness and athletic performance. It’s an essential component of overall wellness and quality of life. Commit to being as strong as you can be, for you. Or not and choose to be weak 😉

BONUS! Do more cool things

Want to move well, be strong, and get fit?  Do more cool things!  Do the stuff that you enjoy and make you unique.  If you love to run, move well and get strong then run more!  If you love to play sports, move well and get strong then play more.  The point is simple.  Life is too short, and if we don’t spend it doing cool things, we waste it.

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