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Halloween Weight Loss Tip: Eat the cookie....

Halloween weight loss tip: eat the cookies, have some fun, and make sure your still in a caloric deficit or not, it’s your choice because you’re a grown up.

I’ve been in several conversations these last few weeks with folks about HCG diet, Keto diet, Low carb diet, XYZ diet, etc… I’m waiting to hear about the “new” Game Changer Diet.

Here’s the deal, any diet that focuses on weight loss works so long as you are in a deficit. This means that you eat less than you expend. At some point you’ll reach a plateau and you have two options:

  1. Eat less so you can still be in a deficit

  2. Move more so you can still be in a deficit

These two options apply whether it’s a hormone issue, calorie intake issue, or lack of movement issue. There are no magic pills, secret foods, or spells you can conjure that will make you lose weight without being in a deficit.

Some styles of eating can be more effective for others due to lifestyle, preference, or ethical/moral reasons. But if the goal is weight loss, you still need a calorie deficit, don’t be fooled.

It’s Halloween and if you are trying to drop a couple pounds, eat the cookies and make sure your still in a caloric deficit.

Check out this great article from the folks at Precision Nutrition about what factors play a role in creating a deficit:

Need some help with this? I have a couple open slots for nutrition coaching, apply for one here -> (Nutrition Coaching Application) and let’s connect.


Seriously, this Halloween cookies are legit! Annette made them and I decorated. I might just start an instagram account just for cookie decorations...

Happy Halloween!

- Coach Jesus

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