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Enrollment is now limited, here is how to get started at Resilient Fitness

Our group training memberships will be moved to a limited enrollment window starting next week. Enrollment will open when:

  1. There’s availability

  2. The beginning of a new program

Why are we doing this?

We believe that having a small window for enrollment helps us serve our members best. Let me explain...

We’re in the business to teach, guide, and educate folks how to exercise and train in a smart, efficient, and most effective way. At the start of every program, which may be 4-12 weeks, we break down all the components that will be involved for a training block. That includes warm up routines, exercise choice, modification of exercise, the purpose of the program, and goals to strive for. This is a CRITICAL step for success. It helps members all be on the same page and avoids feeling confused, out of place, and like you don’t know what you’re doing.

As the program progresses throughout the block, it’s important that the coach dedicates their time to encouraging and challenging members to improve. This requires attention at critical points of the program.

While we love bringing on new people to the RF community, unfortunately, having someone join in mid program can be distracting to the process. So we want to avoid that by controlling when a person can start. We believe this will make the process more enjoyable for everyone.

By having an official start time, we can help our members and new folks transition in smoothly. It also gives new potential members a definitive start date and makes it clear with current members when we ALL will be learning a new component.

Exclusivity and privacy

RF is a PRIVATE training facility, meaning that you can only train here by appointment. 1:1 training sessions are scheduled in advance and paid upfront to stay on the schedule. Group classes are capped at 10 so the member to instructor ratio remains low and quality coaching time is emphasized.

We are not in the business of servicing 100s of group members, we don’t want the class filled to the gills and everyone stepping over each other. It makes it hard as an instructor to make sure everyone is being safe and needs are being met.

Ratio is important to me, coach Jesus, as a former teacher, I understand the impact of being overcrowded when trying to educate and help. When I decided to run my own business, I knew I wanted something that was exclusive and private to avoid the large group dynamics.

Don’t get me wrong, scaling services is important and that will come with time, but we will do it our way.

Focus on the members

I like to know my members. I like to know their goals, injuries, aches, pains, and necessary modifications. As a coach, it takes time to build this knowledge. I think the best way of doing this is having a dedicated time where that process can take place without having to focus on bringing in new people up to speed.

As a team, Annette and I want members to have the best service possible and that the focus is always put on them first. That includes putting growth on a halt if that means the service will be better.

So here’s how we will move forward.

People on our email list will be notified when enrollment is open and have the first choice at any availability. Sign up here to be on the list. The process will be a first come, first served. Once the availability is filled or the designated period ends, enrollment for group training will be closed.

But what if I REALLY want to start and there is no availability…

You will have the option to sit on the waiting list for the next enrollment, we check availability towards the end of the month. You can choose to do 1:1 training if there is availability. Or, you can purchase a remote training program to transition into group once enrollment opens.

Our next enrollment period will open September 21st (TODAY) and close on September 30th. Next program starts the first week of October and new members need to begin that week or will be asked to wait until the next enrollment period.

Email us today to get started:

Or join our email list to be notified when the next enrollment opens.

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