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Happy Early Thanksgiving! Updates inside: Post Thanksgiving Workout, Merch Store, New Services...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and as I sit here writing this, I have so much to be thankful for. Family, friends, kids, health, a growing business…

I just want to say thanks to everyone taking the time to read this. We live in a time where everyone is fighting for attention, the fact that you are using your eyeballs and focus on these words is amazing! Thanks.

I truly hope you have time to enjoy friends and family tomorrow.

First thing on the list!

1. The BURN THE BIRD workout.

This post Thanksgiving Day workout started years ago at the park with a couple friends and family. So that’s the theme for 2019. Friends and Family.

Join us for the BURN THE BIRD workout, it's FREE, and RSVP by clicking here

2. New RF Apparel is up

We have hoodies, 3/4 sleeves, tees, tanks, and hats.

Put your order in using this link: Resilient Fitness Merchandise

3. December Group Training

Our next group program starts December 2nd. This is the last chance to join Resilient Fitness before 2020. If you’re looking for a plan and guidance to reach your fitness goals, this is it!

Message us today to schedule a time to come in and sign up next week. The first visit is always free.

4. New Services!

We’ve added massage therapy to our list!

Nadia Hlibka will be offering her services at RF. Nadia is trained in The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® which is considered to be the ultimate therapy that is safe, gentle and consistently effective in producing results that last. Read more here.

Email us today to book an appointment.

MFR Stretch Classes will be run on December 7th, 14th, adn 21st starting at 9 am.

MFR (Myofascial Stretch) classes are designed to reduce restrictions in the body's connective tissue and improve movement, mobility, and reduces soreness.

5. Coming soon: Online Training!

Online 1:1 training

  • Get personal attention

  • Receive customized eating and training plans for your goals

  • Benefit from a high level of accountability

  • Have the ability to train wherever and whenever you want

We’re currently in test mode for this and looking for 5 more participants before we open it up in January. If you’d like to participate before the New Year at a reduced rate, message us and let’s get in contact.

You do not have to live in Tucson to participate.

I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family. Thanks again for your time!

If you have questions or need anything else, please reach out to me at

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