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RF Train Strong Intro - Join us for FREE

Join us for FREE RF Train Strong Intro on March 26th. We planned a fun and friendly session full of instruction covering the basics of strength training, proper movement mechanics, and training for your body.

During this intro, you will master the basics of proper strength training that will allow you to develop the skills for a foundation of long-term health.

We want you to train smart and develop lifelong strength-focused habits, so we're going to teach you how to minimize injuries and optimize healthy movement patterns.

Most importantly, we want to show you how to train Pain-Free! This means we want you to train for YOUR body. Come to the intro so we can show you what that looks like.

Current members and future members can join us on March 26th starting at 10:15 am at 2900 East Broadway Suite 118.

Please come ready to work out and bring a water bottle, we have a refill station but not a fountain. We do have bottles for purchase.

RF Coaches will lead a warm-up before instructing the intro. RSVP for the RF Train Strong Intro here: Click Here to RSVP

Share this with a friend or family member who would come with you.

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