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5 Reasons Why Kids Who Play Sports Should Strength Train

Integrating strength training into the routine of children who play sports can offer several advantages that complement their athletic development and overall well-being:

Improved Athletic Performance:

  • Enhanced Strength and Power: Strength training helps children develop stronger muscles, which can translate into improved performance in their respective sports. Increased power can lead to faster sprints, higher jumps, and more explosive movements.

  • Better Endurance: Strength training can improve muscular endurance, allowing young athletes to sustain their performance for longer durations during practices and competitions.

Injury Prevention:

  • Muscle Imbalance Correction: Strength training can address muscle imbalances that may develop from the repetitive movements associated with certain sports. This helps reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

  • Improved Joint Stability: Strengthening the muscles around joints, such as the knees and shoulders, can enhance stability and reduce the likelihood of injuries like sprains and strains.

Physical Development:

  • Bone Health: Weight-bearing exercises involved in strength training can promote bone density, which is crucial for the skeletal development of growing children. Stronger bones are less susceptible to fractures and other bone-related injuries.

  • Muscle Growth: Engaging in structured strength training can stimulate muscle growth and development, which is beneficial not only for sports performance but also for overall physical health.

Enhanced Mental Resilience:

  • Confidence Building: Achieving strength and fitness goals through training can boost a child's confidence and self-esteem, both on and off the field.

  • Discipline and Focus: Following a structured strength training program requires dedication and discipline, teaching children valuable skills that can transfer to their athletic endeavors and academic pursuits.

  • Stress Management: Regular exercise, including strength training, can serve as a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety, promoting mental well-being and resilience.

Long-Term Health Benefits:

  • Establishing Healthy Habits: Introducing children to strength training fosters a habit of regular physical activity that can contribute to their long-term health and fitness.

  • Preventing Sedentary Lifestyle: In today's digital age, where sedentary behaviors are prevalent, engaging in strength training encourages children to be active and prioritize their physical health.

It's important to note that strength training programs for children involved in sports should be age-appropriate, supervised by qualified professionals, and tailored to individual needs and developmental stages. Ensuring proper technique, using appropriate equipment, and prioritizing safety are paramount to reaping the benefits of strength training while minimizing the risk of injury.

That's why we are excited to announce we are adding more hours to our Youth Strength and Performance program. Starting March 4th, young athletes can attend any of our designated training times including:

  • Monday 6-7 pm

  • Tuesday 4-5 pm

  • Wednesday 6-7 pm

  • Thursday 4-5 pm

  • Saturday 9-10 am

If you know or have a 12-14 year old that would benefit from working with us, schedule an intro session with us today by messaging us here: Intro Session

Kids Strength Training Program
Youth Strength and Performance

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