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Strong For Life Program

6-Week Introduction to Smart Training and Fitness

We know fitness is important, and if you're reading this - so do you!


But endless hours in the gym are not appealing. You have other responsibilities to take care of. We get that.


That being said, you still need to take care of you. Let us take care of picking the best exercises, the reps, the weights, how long and how much. All you need to do is show up, put in effort, and you will improve your fitness.

We want you to succeed in getting stronger, moving better, and living well. You want that too! This program also includes accountability, coaching, and a supportive community. These are all components that will help you succeed.

You'll have access to our group training classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4 pm. You can choose to participate in the studio or via Zoom. There are replays available as well.

You'll also have a nutrition guide built specifically for you and your goals. This is science based exercise nutrition focused on sustainable progress. There are no restrictions and no crash diets. 

After the 8-weeks you can choose to continue with our group training or explore other options. 

Contact us today to get started.

We are currently enrolling new members!


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