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What is ResilientYOU?

2020 was a helluva year and the team at RF wants to make sure 2021 is a year you follow through. Instead of a resolution, commit to a year of building resiliency. 

That means to get stronger, be consistent, and make your fitness happen!

Our brand new 6-week ResilientYOU program is the first one of 2021.

We know you’ve been wanting to get fit, we know you’re tired of starting over or things getting in the way. We want to help you with that. 


Who is this for?

Any man or woman who wants to take control of their fitness journey. This program is designed to give you a fundamental course in exercise training and fitness nutrition with an emphasis on sustainability and long term health. If you want to be the master of your journey, with a little help from someone who wants you to succeed as much as you do, this is the program for you!

Keep in mind that this 6-week course is just a start for a lifestyle of taking care of yourself, we will have options to continue working with us if you choose to.

How does it work?

ResilientYOU kicks off on January 16th with a zoom meeting and the first workout is January 18.  You have the options to choose training times between time slots of 5:15 pm and 6:30 pm Mon-Fr and Sat at 10 am.  More of this will be explained at the kickoff meeting. 

The program runs for 6 weeks and you will have the option to continue afterward.

What does it include?

Strength training: 3x per week access to our STRENGTH class lead by certified instructors to make sure you are safe and technically sound.  

Nutrition coaching: 6 weeks of habit-based coaching using a world-renowned life-changing curriculum focused on helping you achieve sustainable results. 

Accountability: coaches who care!  We want you to succeed and will be checking in on you, even on days when you’re not in the gym. 


Why should I join this?

Here is what our members have said:

"RF is a place that will give you a personal gym experience and a supportive community. Unfortunately, we live in a less than ideal world. RF figures out how to keep fitness, wellness, and community going, despite the obstacles."

"SIGN UP NOW! You’ll never find a better experience anywhere else. And you’ll actually reach your goals."

"RF is a great home. The whole person fitness they are trying to instill in their members is exactly what this society needs."

"If you want to work hard, have people to motivate you and put in the work for results you have found the right place."

How do I sign up?

Our Early Bird Sign Up starts January 4th. Pay $299 instead of $350 if you sign up before January 9th. 

Use this link to sign up and save -> Early Bird Discount 

We are only taking on 20 members for this round. Once those spots are full, you'll have to wait until the next registration to participate. 

Coach Jesus

A message from Coach Jesus...

This is NOT a weight-loss transformation program, nor is it a cardio-addict and intensity junkie class. This 6-week program is focused on the instruction of safe and effective strength and conditioning practice to help you be a better YOU. You will get STRONGER and I will show you HOW to train correctly. When you leave this program, you will be one of the most knowledgeable people in any gym setting for proper training and execution. 

I have extensive years of coaching and programming for a wide group of people. Each training session will be individualized to you specifically. That means I can work with most injuries, asymmetries, preference, and fitness levels. My personal goal is to help you fulfill your goal. That may be to lose some weight, it may also be to learn how to do said exercise, or maybe how to get started for the first time. All of them are perfectly fine goals, and we will work on them together. 

In closing, I will say that I have high expectations. I will match you step-for-step and hold you accountable. Coming to the gym is one part of the success formula. What you do outside of the gym is even more important. I expect you to come to each session ready and prepared as well as engage in our community - a diverse group of people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, all working together and supporting each other. The program is about being part of a community that shares our goals, wins, losses, and progress over time. If you show up prepared and engage throughout the entire course, I have no doubt that we will both be happy with the end result!

Coach Jesus

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t complete all 6-weeks?

If you cannot complete the 6-week program due to illness or other medical reasons, we will credit you the cost to complete at another time. If at any time during the program you feel you are not receiving any value, please speak with Jesus directly to work this out. 

What if I can’t come into all the workouts?

There are 18 workouts in 6 weeks without any makeups that are planned. If you miss a workout, you can attend an already scheduled group class as a fill-in session. 

Is there a refund policy?

We do not do refunds, however, we promise to continue to work with you to solve any issue. 

How strict is the nutrition component?

It really depends on the goal. A coach will work with you individually to assess personal preferences, goals, lifestyle, and potential modifications. We don’t believe in the “perfect diet”, we prefer in finding what works for you right now. 

What about the pandemic?

We have followed strict cleaning and sanitizing protocols before the onset of the pandemic. We have provided extra cleaning supplies and sanitation to help. We also limit the traffic for classes and open gym to provide adequate social distancing. As well as, dividing the training space into individual training spaces that allow people to train socially distanced, masked, and with individual equipment kits provided by us. 

Is this program available for remote/online members?

Yes but with some modification. Please contact email for more details on this. 

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