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Resilient Fitness Presents

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Practical Strength Training for Active Adults

Jesus Acuna, owner of Resilient Fitness and 10-year personal training veteran, will be covering the best practices for strength training as an active adult. As a avid hiker, runner, cyclist, recreational athlete, or fitness enthusiast we know that your time is sacred and you can’t afford down time due to injuries or being in pain. We also know that you are looking for ways to improve and get better at what you love to do. In this workshop we will be sharing the exact strategies we use to train our members to help them get strong, stay active, and be pain-free.

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Here is what will be covered:

The Concept of PAIN-FREE Strength Training

Pain-Free strength training puts the emphasis on training functional movements (i.e. push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, and carry) in their maximum loaded capacity state. This means  it is important that adults find the best variation of a move or best exercise selection, according to their individual needs to train pain-free for the longest period of time. This will make sure you continue to see progress in strength, muscle growth, and fat loss. We will be covering exactly how to find the best variation for each individual. 

We will be covering:

  • Exercise selection and hierarchy for each functional movement pattern:

    • Push

    • Pull

    • Hinge

    • Squat

    • Lunge

    • Carry

  • How to use a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to maximize your progress for strength, power, and conditioning.

  • Strength training practices for common movement faults. 

Group training

The Warm Up is CRITICAL for success!

Warming up properly before exercise has been shown to increase performance, increase injury prevention, and prepare the body to maximize the following training session.  It can also be a powerful tool for improving pain management. 

We will be showing the 5-step process for warming up that we use which includes: 

  • Self myofascial release strategies 

  • 2-step stretching practices

  • Essential corrective exercises

  • Activation drills

  • Movement prep ramp-ups.


The Cool Down  is a Perfect Place  to Start RECOVERY

As important as the warm up is, the cool down is the twin sibling for active adults. A proper cool down can be foundational for helping tissue start the repair process, resetting our nervous system from fight mode to calm mode, and improving our recovery between training sessions. If you want to feel better faster, you’ll want to follow the sequence we use that includes soft tissue work and parasympathetic activation. 

We will be covering:

  • Soft tissue recovery practices

  • Recovery breathing protocol


Smart Conditioning is Key  for SUCCESS

We’re not talking about endless time on the treadmill or elliptical. Smart conditioning is about maximizing your time and being precise with the energy system you want to develop. Developing your energy systems can be all the difference between recovering properly or feeling depleted everyday.  We focus on developing the aerobic system to help our recovery process and maximize fat use as energy, as well as sprinkling in anaerobic system development to increase speed, power, and the ability to sustain high intensity work. 

We will be covering best practices that include 

  • Heart rate targets for aerobic and anaerobic work

  • The Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) model

  • Timing for work to rest ratios

This method and model can be helpful towards boosting your performance, improving your body composition, and helping you mitigate pain. Here is what others using this model have experienced.



Working with Jesus helped me increase my strength for my triathlons. This year I was able to get to the World Championship in Africa and I am looking forward to getting stronger and seeing what we can accomplish next year!

Dom Copollo


The workout programs (at RF) strike the perfect balance of challenging me, strengthening me, retraining my bad habits and laying down new pathways in my nervous system and body that make me feel strong, energized and empowered. I especially appreciate his guidance with how to work with and heal some chronic joint stuff I’ve been having, all the while lifting heavy weights and getting more and more toned and fit.

Sarah Cotten

Zeus KB Swing.jpg

I am moving and doing things I never thought I would ever be able to do in my life. I can squat, do kettlebell swings, deadlifts, lunges with and without kettlebells among other things. Considering I haven’t been this active in 5 years training at RF has been of the best decisions I have made in my life to get back to being healthy and pain free.

Jesus Federico

Join us for the 2-hour workshop on October 26th from 9 am - 11 am at 3671 E. 44th St Tucson, Arizona 85713. This first time event is one of a kind and only $25 for the community.

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