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“I highly recommend nutrition coaching with Coach Jesus. In the past, diets left me feeling stressed and frustrated (and eventually gaining weight again). His program instead focuses on slowly introducing healthy habits for long-term success. This has been a big part of my 40 pound weight loss!”

Brian Ellis


“Working with Jesus helped me increase my strength for my triathlons. This year I was able to get to the World Championship in Africa and I am looking forward to getting stronger and seeing what we can accomplish next year!”

Dominic Copollo


“I’ve never been able to do a chin up in my life.What I’ve gotten from Jesus is so far beyond that. I’m in the best shape that I can ever remember being in and more than that I feel strong!”

Camille  Botelho

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Where were you fitness-wise before starting to train with me? 

I was dead in the water when it came to my fitness.

What are some wins you've experienced so far?

Being able to workout 3-4 times a week getting stronger with no pain. 

I also feel that I am in great hands and if something doesn't feel right I let you know and we make an adjustment right there.

Jesus Federico

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