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3 tips to THRIVE at goals by writing your own story

Life is full of bandwagon passengers. You’ve probably been on one yourself.  I know I have.

It’s not a bad thing, but it can be.

Following the crowd can be a crutch.

Following the crowd means you never get the result YOU want.

In fitness, it means you join the next challenge… because that’s what everyone else is doing. 

In nutrition, you do the next diet because everyone now is in ketosis. 

At work, you eat the box of doughnuts because Sally brought them and they’re there.

In life, you take the safe route because, well, it’s safe.

Like I said, these aren’t bad routes.  Following the crowd is very safe and comfortable.  Those are desirable qualities of a good life.

But if you’re reading this, it seems you want a bit more.

You want to feel in control, you want to make things happen. You want to unlock secrets, bypass levels, and beat the game.

You want to write your own story.

A few years ago, I took pass on my safe job. 

Coming out of college, my goals were many.

I wanted to get a PE teacher position, work 7-5 pm and coach 5 – 8 pm. I had recently lost 100 lbs so I also wanted to be a personal trainer and help others. Basically, I wanted to be the best PE teacher, best personal trainer, and best coach.

I was also looking for ways to start a business, and be the best at that too.

Guess what, I was mediocre at everything.

I was so spread out that nothing was great. So, nothing thrived. I had too many goals on my mind.  So I succeeded at none of them.

My priorities were all over the place.

At that time, I wanted to work for myself and learn a craft. It was important to me that I was independent, made my schedule, and my hustle determined my worth.

Writing these out made it clear to me that I needed to make a change. When I was offered a steady paycheck and the chance to lock it in for an extended period of time.

I passed on it.  I quit, and I went to work for myself. I chose to write my own story.

It was scary, and it was definitely not smooth sailing. There were times I was doing more enduring then thriving.

But I learned a lot about who I am and how I work under pressure.

It forced me to problem solve. I wouldn’t give that up for any dollar amount.

Here are 3 tips I learned along the way.

1. Have ONE goal in mind

Want to lose weight, then focus on LOSING weight.  Stop flip-flopping on whether you should gain muscle, cut out carbs, by a new truck, or change your major in school.

You can’t do it all.

When I had several goals, nothing thrived.

Pick ONE goal and handle business.

2. Know your priorities and stick to them

Family, fitness, work… these are mine.  They pretty much dictate everything I do. Sometimes they change orders.  Sometimes they get replaced by another priority.

What I’ve noticed is that if my goal doesn’t match my top 3 priorities, then it doesn’t happen.

The same applies to you.

Want to make more money? You better have work and work ethic in your top 3.

Want to get into shape? You better have exercise and nutrition on your mind.

Want to lose weight, but your priorities are hanging out, having fun, and spending your paycheck.

Reality check! You won’t drop a single pound!

Adjust what you need to and stick to it.

Remove things that don’t fit your priorities and you’ll start thriving.

3. Take immediate action

My football coach use to say, “Let your (football) pads do the talking on the field!” That stuck with me and has served me right in everything I do.

Action always speaks louder than words.

Theories and hypothesis are nothing without actual results.

These 3 tips sound nice and a bit cliche. Anyone can SAY them. Until you DO them, you won’t know the power they possess.

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